ICUMSA Method GS2-4 (2007)

The Determination of Glucose+Fructose in White Sugar by the Hexokinase Method - Official

ICUMSA Method GS2-4 (2007)
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Glucose and Fructose content of white sugar is determined by enzymatic conversion of the sugars to coloured compounds measured using a spectrophotometer in the wavelength range 334 nm to 365 nm. The method has Official Status and is suitable to check for compliance with the EU limit of invert sugar (0.04 g/100 g) in white sugar. For white sugars containing between 0.001 g/100 g and 0.04 g/100 g glucose + fructose, the absolute difference between two results obtained under repeatability conditions should not be greater than 0.002 g/100 g and under reproducibility conditions not greater than 0.003 g/100 g.

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