Scope of ICUMSA® Methods Book

The ICUMSA® Methods Book should contain Methods that meet the following criteria (within the scope):

  • Specific for and clear application within the sugar industry or for users of ICUMSA® Methods (e.g. food industry)
  • Analysis of analytes that describe the quality of raw materials, intermediate, final and by-products of the sugar industry
  • Relevant for international trade
  • Clear demand from international commerce for uniformity of analysis
  • Feasible to perform by most laboratories within the sugar industry

By contrast to the above, following items are considered to be outside of the scope of the ICUMSA® Methods Book (exclusions):

  • Analysis of products or materials not specific for or related to the sugar industry
  • Analysis of analytes not specific for the sugar industry and for which other internationally accepted standards already exist (e.g. analysis of contaminants in foodstuffs)
  • Use of highly advanced equipment, not commonly available in laboratories throughout the sugar industry
  • Very complex methods, merely intended for highly specialized laboratories
  • Not relevant for international trade, but limited to application in a single country
  • Use of indirect methods of analysis which cannot be validated using the recommended (IUPAC) protocol and which are difficult to put into ICUMSA® Method format
  • Methods generated by other commercial entities or proprietary methods in general