ICUMSA Method GS4/3-7 (2011)

The Determination of Total Reducing Sugars in Molasses and Refined Syrups after Hydrolysis by the Lane & Eynon Constant Volume Procedure - Official (Reference)

ICUMSA Method GS4/3-7 (2011)
Method Technique:

This method, which may form the basis of molasses purchasing contracts, measures the content of total reducing sugars, as invert sugar, after hydrolysis of sucrose in molasses samples. The method has Official (Reference) status and therefore is recommended to be used, where possible, in preference to method GS4-9. The procedure relies upon the capability of the reducing sugars present to reduce Fehling's solution under standard conditions. The absolute difference between two results obtained under repeatability conditions should not be greater than 1.51 g/100 g and under reproducibility conditions should not be greater than 2.47 g/100 g total (in molasses).

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