Method Technique:


ICUMSA Method GS3-1 (2002)

The Determination of the Polarisation of the Sugar Component of Powdered Sugars Containing Anti-Caking Agents - Official

ICUMSA Method GS5-1 (2022)

Sucrose, Dry Substance and Fibre in Cane and Bagasse by VIS-Polarimetry after Clarification of the Aqueous Extract with Lead Acetate and by Refractometry - Official

ICUMSA Method GS6-3 (1994)

Polarimetric Sucrose content of Sugar Beet by the Macerator or Cold Aqueous Digestion Method using Aluminium Sulphate as Clarifying Agent - Official

ICUMSA Method GS8-2 (2009)

Polarimetric Sucrose Content of Beet Sugar Syrups after Clarification according to Carrez – Official

ICUMSA Method GS5-2 (2022)

Sucrose, Dry Substance and Fibre in Cane by NIR-Polarimetry and Refractometry using a Hydraulic Press for Juice Recovery - Tentative