ICUMSA Method GS8-2 (2009)

Polarimetric Sucrose Content of Beet Sugar Syrups after Clarification according to Carrez – Official

ICUMSA Method GS8-2 (2009)
Method Technique:

This method has been demonstrated to measure the polarimetric sucrose content of concentrated impure sugar juices with purities above 70%, namely thick juices and run-off syrups. The method is applicable to sugar syrups (especially thick juices and run-off syrups) produced in sugar beet processing. Satisfying a commercial requirement, it is intended as a method for assessing the sucrose content in thick juices and other intermediate products with a minimal purity of 70%. The method has been developed by modification of ICUMSA Method GS1/2/3/9-1 "Polarimetric Sucrose Content of Raw Sugar by VIS-Polarimetry - Official (Reference)". As an alternative to the conventional clarification with basic lead acetate solution, the clarification with Carrez reagent is described. The absolute difference between two results obtained under repeatability conditions should be not greater than 0.40 °Z. The absolute difference between two results obtained under reproducibility conditions should be not greater than 0.60 °Z.

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