Technical Sugar Syrups

ICUMSA Method GS7/8/4-24 (2011)

The Determination of Glucose, Fructose and Sucrose in Cane Juices, Syrups and Molasses and of Sucrose in Beet Molasses by High Performance Ion Chromatography - Official

ICUMSA Method GS4/3/8-13 (2009)

The Determination of Refractometric Dry Substance (RDS) of Molasses – Accepted and Very Pure Syrups (Liquid Sugars), Thick Juice and Run-off Syrups – Official

ICUMSA Method GS4/7/3-12 (1998)

The Determination of Moisture by the Karl Fischer Procedure in Molasses - Official, and in Cane Raw Sugars, Speciality Sugars and Syrups - Tentative

ICUMSA Method GS4/8-19 (2005)

The Determination of Raffinose by High Performance Anion Exchange Chromatography (HPAEC) - in impure Beet Sugar Products- Official

ICUMSA Method GS8-2 (2009)

Polarimetric Sucrose Content of Beet Sugar Syrups after Clarification according to Carrez – Official

ICUMSA Method GS4/8/1/2/3-18 (2017)

The Determination of Total α-Galactosides and Raffinose by an Enzymatic Method in Beet Molasses - Official – in Juices and Syrups from Beet Processing and Beet Sugar - Accepted