ICUMSA Method GS3-52 (2019)

Sulphite as Sulphur Dioxide (SO2) in Brown Sugars by the Optimized Monier-Williams Method combined with High-Performance Ion Chromatography (HPIC) – Accepted

ICUMSA Method GS3-52 (2019)
Method Technique:

This method is used for the determination of sulphur dioxide (SO2) in brown sugars and speciality sugars. The method procedure is similar to that used in Method GS3-51 where the sulphite present is oxidised to sulphate. The difference being that the resultant sulphate is determined instrumentally using HPIC. The method has been shown to have a limit of decision in brown sugar of 10 mg/kg and a limit of detection (LoD) of 20 mg/kg. For total sulphite content up to 70 mg/kg, the absolute difference between two results obtained under repeatability conditions should not exceed 8 mg/kg and under reproducibility conditions should not exceed 15 mg/kg.

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