ICUMSA Method GS2/3-40 (2019)

10-Day Acid Beverage Floc Test for White Sugar – Official

ICUMSA Method GS2/3-40 (2019)
Method Technique:

This method is used to determine the potential for white sugar to form a visible floc in an acidic beverage. It was derived from the method developed by The Coca-Cola Company. A sugar solution is acidified to pH 1.5 with phosphoric acid and left to stand at room temperature for 10 days. After this time any floc formed in the solution is noted.

Online Access to ICUMSA Method GS2/3-40 (2019)

Access to the online Version of ICUMSA Method GS2/3-40 (2019) can be obtained from the Sugar Industry Website, operated by Bartens. The online access for two years costs EUR35 (+ 19 % VAT for German and EU citizens without EU VAT No.).