Registration for the 32nd Session of ICUMSA now open

As mentioned previously, the 32nd ICUMSA Session will take place from 15th to 17th June 2020. I am delighted to invite you to this event and I am pleased to say that the Registration is now open. Please go to the ICUMSA website and follow the links provided. The website also recommends several hotels close to the conference venue. The Conference Registration is again organised by Bartens and I would like to thank Dr Jürgen Bruhns and his team and the Austrian National Committee for the arrangements. I hope that many of you will register and I look forward to meeting you in Vienna.

Referee’s reports for the forthcoming Session

In line with the protocols adopted at previous ICUMSA Sessions all Referee’s reports need to be submitted to the General Secretary two months before the Session begins. Therefore, the deadline for receiving reports and related recommended Method drafts for the 32nd Session is 15th April 2020. The reports will be made available in the members’ section of the ICUMSA website in order to allow members time to prepare for discussion during the Session. Please be aware that Referees can present work to the Session that is not contained in their report but this will only be reported in the Proceedings for the following Session.

31st Session Proceedings and 2019 Methods Book Supplement

The Proceedings of the 31st Session in South Africa (2018) and the 2019 Methods Book Supplement are available to purchase from Bartens. Please visit the website from Bartens for more details

New Referee for GS8 (Beet Processing)

After the resignation of Jan Maarten de Bruijn the role of GS8 Referee has been vacant for a while. Therefore, I am very happy to report that Dr Florian Emerstorfer has accepted the position as Referee for General Subject 8 (Beet Processing). I would like to take the opportunity to wish Florian a good start and great success with his new role.

ICUMSA membership and subscriptions

Countries that have not yet established a National Committee, but are interested in doing so, are most welcome to contact one of the ICUMSA Officers to receive more information on ICUMSA membership and subscriptions. Member countries have voting rights at the ICUMSA meetings and their members are able to actively participate in ICUMSA studies. I would like to remind all current National Committees that have not yet settled their subscriptions to arrange this as soon as possible so that they will have voting rights at the next meeting.  National Committees which do not pay their subscriptions may ultimately risk being removed from membership.