ICUMSA News n°65 – September 2009

Message from the President 

ICUMSA 27th Session – Berlin 2010

You will recall that a commitment was made to the members of ICUMSA to hold the next Session in Europe in order to reduce travel costs. Therefore I am pleased to announce that the next Session of ICUMSA will take place at the Swissotel in Berlin on 12th and 13th July 2010. A reception will take place on the evening of Sunday 11th July with the meeting starting on Monday morning. We hope to include a technical visit on Wednesday 14th July for those that wish to remain. We will also make space available to display posters, therefore please let us know if you think you would like some space reserved.

The Swissotel is conveniently located in central Berlin and is only a few minutes walk from the Zoo Railway Station. A number of rooms at this hotel have been reserved at a conference rate and there is also a good selection of hotels, of differing price ranges, within ten minutes walk.

Details on how to register for the meeting and reserve rooms will appear on the website and an e-mail will be sent advising this at the time.

My sincere thanks go to Dr Jürgen Bruhns and Mathis Kuchejda for all their hard work in progressing the Session this far.

Referee’s Reports for the 27th Session

In order to aid the understanding of the forthcoming reports I would ask all Referee’s to send them to Dr Puke by the end of April 2010. This will allow time for the Report to be placed on the website and read by the Session attendees in advance of the meeting.

Publications Committee

Many will know that John Dutton retired from the Publications Committee just before the last meeting. John has been involved with ICUMSA, and particularly with the publication of methods, for many years. He was originally involved in the 1979 ICUMSA Methods Book and has played some role in all the Methods published up until last year, having first been elected Chaiman of ICUMSA’s Publications Committee in 1986 and then becoming the Publications Manager for the Commission in 1990. Before this he also acted as Referee for “Sucrose in Factory and Refinery Products” during the 17th and 18th Sessions. I would like to wish John a long and happy retirement and thank him for his meticulous service to ICUMSA during the last four decades.

Since then Dr Klaus Thielecke has joined the Publications Committee and has been working with Dr Bruhns in producing the Proceedings for the last Session. Many of you will know of the long and distinguished career that Dr Thielecke had, including his many years of serving ICUMSA as Referee for Subject 2.

I am also pleased to report that Dr Roger Wood has also agreed to join the Publications Committee. Dr Wood has long been an Associate Referee for Subject 3 and has many years experience of developing and validating Food Analysis Methods internationally within ICUMSA and Codex Alimentarius.

New S8/9 Referee

I am pleased to announce that Mr Niels Kau Andersen has kindly agreed to take over the position of Referee for S8/9 Chromatographic Techniques. Niels is also a member of the SUPS PT Scheme Advisory Board. I would like to thank Niels for accepting this position and wish him well for in all future ICUMSA work.

Indian National Committee Chairman

Dr GSC Rao has now taken over the position of Chairman of the Indian National Committee from Mr JJ Bhagat. I would like to thank Mr Bhagat for his work on behalf of ICUMSA in India and wish Dr Rao good luck in his new role.

Geoff Parkin

President, ICUMSA