New numbers of GS1 Raw Sugar Methods

NameOld numberShortened numberYear of publication
Polarisation of Raw Sugar by PolarimetryGS1/2/3/9-1GS1-12011
Polarisation of Raw Sugar without Wet Lead ClarificationGS1/2/3-2GS1-22009
Reducing Sugars in Cane Raw Sugar by the Lane and EynonConstant Volume ProcedureGS1/3/7-3GS1-32005
Glucose and Fructose in Raw and White Sugar using HPAECGS1/2/3-4GS1-41998
Reducing Sugars in Cane Raw Sugar by the Luff Schoorl ProcedureGS1-5GS1-52009
Solution Colours at pH 7.0 of Raw Sugar, Brown Sugars and Coloured Sugars GS1/3-7GS1-72011
Sulphated Ash in Raw Sugar by Single SulphationGS1-10GS1-101998
Conductivity Ash in Raw SugarGS1/3/4/7/8-13GS1-131994
Dextran in Sugars by a Modified Alcohol Haze MethodGS1/2/9-15GS1-152015
Starch in Raw Sugar by the BSES methodGS1-16GS1-162013
Starch in Raw Sugar by the SPRI TestGS1-17GS1-172013
Fine Grain in Raw Sugar by the BSES methodGS1-20GS1-202005
Determination of pHGS1/2/3/4/7/8/9-23GS1-232009
Insoluble Solids in Raw Sugar by Depth-Type FiltrationGS1-24GS1-242017
Sugar Moisture by Loss on Drying (<0.5%)GS2/1/3/9-15GS2-152007
Lead in Raw Sugar by a Colorimetric MethodGS2/1/3-27GS2-271994
Sulphite in White Sugar, Cane Sugar Juices and Syrups and Very Very High Pol (VVHP) Sugars by the Rosaniline Colorimetric MethodGS2/1/7/9-33GS2-332011
ERH of Raw SugarGS2/1/3-39GS2-391994
Total α-Galactosides and Raffinose by an Enzymatic MethodGS4/8/1/2/3-18GS4-182017
Sugar Solution Colour by the MOPS MethodGS9/1/2/3-8GS9-82011