New Numbers for GS9 Plantation White Sugar Methods

NameOld numberShortened numberYear of publication
Arsenic, Cadmium, Chromium, Copper, Mercury, Lead and Tin in Plantation White Sugar by ICP-MSGS9-1GS9-12019
Sugar Solution Colour by the MOPS MethodGS9/1/2/3-8GS9-82011
Copper in Plantation White Sugar by Flame Atomic Adsorption SpectroscopyGS9-9GS9-92013
[Soluble] Iron in Plantation White Sugar by a Colorimetric MethodGS9-10GS9-102013
Zinc and Cadmium in Plantation White Sugar by Flame Atomic Absorption SpectroscopyGS9-11GS9-112017
Mercury in Plantation White Sugar by Cold Vapour Atomic Absorption Spectrometry with Vapour Generation AccessoryGS9-12GS9-122017
Polarisation of Raw SugarseeGS1/2/3/9-1GS1-12011
Dextran in Sugars by a Modified Alcohol Haze MethodseeGS1/2/9-15GS1-152015
Determination of pHseeGS1/2/3/4/7/8/9-23GS1-232009
Reducing Sugars in Purified Sugar by the Knight and Allen EDTA MethodseeGS2/3/9-5GS2-52011
Reducing Sugars in Plantation White Sugar by the Modified Ofner Titrimetric MethodseeGS2/9-6GS2-62011
Sugar Moisture by Loss on DryingseeGS2/1/3/9-15GS2-152007
Conductivity Ash in Refined Sugar ProductsseeGS2/3/9-17GS2-172011
Insoluble Matter in White SugarseeGS2/3/9-19GS2-192007
Arsenic in Refined Sugar Products by a Colorimetric MethodseeGS2/3/9-25GS2-252007
Sulphite in Cane Juices and Syrups by the Rosaniline
Colorimetric MethodseeGS2/1/7/9-33GS2-332011
Particle Size Determination of Plantation White SugarseeGS2/9-37GS2-372007