New Numbers for GS8 Beet Processing Methods

NameOld numberShortened numberYear of publication
Polarisation of Beet Sugar Syrups after Clarification according to Carrez GS8-2GS8-22009
Glucose and Fructose in Beet Juices and Processing Products by anEnzymatic MethodGS8/4/6-4GS8-42007
Apparent Total Sugar Content of Beet Pulp by the Luff Schoorl Procedure GS8-5GS8-51994
Beet Pulp Moisture by Vaccum Oven DryingGS8-6 AGS8-62019
Ash in Beet Pulp: Crude Ash and Sulphated AshGS8-7 AGS8-72019
Insoluble Ash in Beet PulpGS8-8GS8-81998
Calcium by EDTA TitrationGS8/2/3/4-9GS8-92000
Sulphated Ash in Beet PulpGS8-7 BGS8-102019
Chloride by a Potentiometric MethodGS8/4/7-11GS8-111994
Mannitol in Beet Juices, Thin Juices and Syrups by an Enzymatic Method GS8-12GS8-122011
Lactic Acid (L- and D-) by an Enzymatic MethodGS8/4/6-13GS8-131994
Acetic Acid in Beet Juices and Processing Products by an Enzymatic Method GS8-14GS8-142002
Dry Substance in Dried Beet PulpGS8-6 BGS8-152019
Dextran in Beet Raw Juice and Thick Juice by a Modified Alcohol Haze Method  GS8-19GS8-192017
Pectic Acid in Beet Raw Juice by a 3-Hydroxy-Diphenyl 
Colorimetric Method GS8-23GS8-231994
Pectic Acid in Beet Liquors by a Carbazole Colorimetric MethodGS8-25GS8-251994
Mannitol, Glucose, Fructose, Sucrose and Raffinose in Beet Brei and Beet Juices by HPAEC-PADGS8-26GS8-262013
Conductivity Ashsee GS1/3/4/7/8-13GS1-131994
Determination of pHsee GS1/2/3/4/7/8/9-23GS1-232009
Iron by a Colorimetric Methodsee GS2/3/7/8-31GS2-311995
Non-ionic surfactants in white sugar, molasses and dry beet pulpsee GS2/4/8-54GS2-542017
Sulphated Ash in Brown Sugar, Juice, Syrup and Molassessee GS3/4/7/8-11GS3-112000
Sucrose by Gas Chromatography (GC)see GS4/7/8/5-2GS4-22002
Refractometric Dry Substance (RDS %) of Molasses, Very Pure Syrups (Liquid Sugars), Thick Juices and Run-Off-Syrupssee GS4/3/8-13GS4-132009
Total α-Galactosides and Raffinose by an Enzymatic Methodsee GS4/8/1/2/3-18GS4-182017
Raffinose in Beet Molasses by HPAECsee GS4/8-19GS4-192005
Betaine in Beet Molasses by an HPLC Methodsee GS4/8-21GS4-211998
Sucrose in Beet Molasses by HPLCsee GS7/4/8-23GS7-232011
Glucose, Fructose and Sucrose in Cane Juices, Syrups and Molasses and of Sucrose in Beet Molasses by HPICsee GS7/8/4-24GS7-242011