Explanatory note on ICUMSA® Method numbering system

ICUMSA Numbering system till 2019

ICUMSA® Method Numbers as used since 1994 contain some information, which is useful for ICUMSA® insiders, but may confuse normal users of ICUMSA® Methods. The format of the old method numbers used in the ICUMSA® Methods Book is as follows;

new numbering system
ICUMSA® General Subject NumberIndicates the ICUMSA® General Subject for which the method was developed. The ICUMSA® Referee for this Subject is responsible for the maintenance, review and amendment of the method.
Secondary General Subject NumbersRefer to other ICUMSA® General Subjects for which the method is applicable. ICUMSA® Referees for these Subjects are involved in the review etc. of the method. Products covered by these ICUMSA® General Subjects are within the Scope and Field of Application of the method. Details are given in the method.
Sequential Method NumberThe method number within the ICUMSA® General Subject maintained by the Referee.
Year of PublicationThe year in which a particular version of a method was published. Note that only the most recent versions of ICUMSA® methods are valid.