Plans for 33rd ICUMSA Session – ICUMSA News n°84 – September 2022

Plans for 33rd ICUMSA Session

The 33rd ICUMSA Session will take place in Vienna, Austria from 12–14 June 2023. We hope that we will then be able to see many of you in person again. Together with the Austrian National ICUMSA Committee the Officers of ICUMSA are preparing an interesting and enjoyable program. More details about the program and registration will be made available on the ICUMSA website early 2023.

I would like to cordially remind the Referees that the deadline for handing in the reports for the 33rd Session is 12 April 2023. This allows the participants sufficient time to read the reports and prepare for discussion during the Session.

New GS5 Referee

Recently, Camille Roussel informed us that she is leaving the sugar industry. As a result of this, she has also resigned as GS5 Referee. ICUMSA is very grateful to Camille for the work she has conducted in the eight years that she has had the lead of this General Subject. Under her supervision good progress has been made in the area of cane analysis, e.g. a total revision/renewal of the Methods for the determination of sucrose, dry substance and fibre in cane and bagasse. We wish Camille all the best and happiness for the future.

We are pleased to announce that Mathilde Mellin, a former colleague of Camille at eRcane in Réunion and GS5 Associate Referee, is willing to take over as GS5 Referee. We wish her success in this new role and are looking forward to a positive collaboration.

New ICUMSA website

We are proud to announce that the new ICUMSA website has been launched. The new website is a significant improvement on the old website; it is contemporary and has responsive design, so works well on different devices. The new website offers several new features, such as the option to search for a specific ICUMSA Method or other ICUMSA publication and directly link to the Sugar Industry website, operated by Bartens, to order it. We thank Bartens for all the help with the design and programming of the new website. ICUMSA members will be informed via e-mail about the option to change their password to login into the member section of the new website. We invite you all to visit the renewed website at and we hope it may be useful to you.

Methods Book Supplement 2022 and Proceedings 32nd Session

The Methods Book Supplement 2022 is available now. The Proceedings from the (virtual) 32nd Session in 2021 will be published as eBook shortly. Supplement 2022 contains one new Method and nine revised Methods. Furthermore, five new Specifications and Standards on Sampling, Sample Handling and Sample Preparation have been included. The new publications can be ordered on the ICUMSA website.

ICUMSA membership Countries that have not yet established a National Committee, but are interested in doing so, are most welcome to contact one of the ICUMSA Officers to receive more information on ICUMSA membership and subscriptions. Member countries have voting rights at the ICUMSA meetings, and their members are able to actively participate in ICUMSA studies.

Dr. Martijn Leijdekkers