33rd ICUMSA Session held in Vienna – ICUMSA News n°86 – July 2023

From 12th-14th June the 33rd ICUMSA Session took place in Vienna, Austria. In total, 60 participants from 12 different countries attended the Session. During the meeting 15 reports were presented by the Referees, followed by useful discussions. A total of 54 Recommendations were adopted, which will form the basis for the new Methods Book supplement and the work up to the next Session. The complete 2023 Recommendations are available at www.icumsa.org. The Proceedings of the Session and the Methods Book supplement are expected to be available in 2024.

During the conference dinner, an Award ceremony was held in which the President honoured Ms. Camille Roussel, Dr. Dierk Martin and Dr. Hanjo Puke for their many years of dedication and valuable contributions to ICUMSA. Given his exceptional commitment to ICUMSA in various functions for more than three decades, Dr. Hanjo Puke was elected as Honorary Life General Secretary by the ICUMSA Executive Committee.

After the scientific sessions there was a visit to the Agrana Research and Innovation Centre in Tulln. Additionally, some of the delegates joined an optional tour to the facilities of Anton Paar in Graz. We thank the Austrian National Committee and Bartens once again for their outstanding help with the organisation of this Session.

Photos from the 33rd Session can be found at https://sugarindustry.info/.

The 34th ICUMSA Session will be held in 2025. More details about the venue and date will be made available by the end of this year.

Election of ICUMSA Officers

During the Executive Committee meeting on 13th June Dr. Dierk Martin was elected as the new ICUMSA General Secretary. In this capacity, he will also serve as ICUMSA Officer. Dr. Martijn Leijdekkers was re-elected as ICUMSA President for a new four-year term.

Committee membership

Dr. Vasudha Keskar has volunteered to join the Publications Committee. Dr. Charley Richard has joined the Nominations and Credentials Committee.

New GS6 Referee

During the Executive Committee meeting Dr. Ulf Strijowski was appointed as the new Referee for General Subject 6 – Beet, succeeding Dr. Dierk Martin who wished to resign from this function after his election as General Secretary.

Vacancy S2 Referee

Following the resignation of Dr. Hanjo Puke from all his ICUMSA-functions after the 33rd Session, there is a vacancy for a Referee for Subject 2 – Method Format, Collaborative Testing and Statistical Treatment of Data. Persons who are interested in this position are invited to contact one of the ICUMSA Officers for more information.

Dr. Martijn Leijdekkers