ICUMSA News n°59 – January 2007

Message from the President

As this is my first opportunity since becoming President to communicate with you all, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the support shown to me and pay tribute to our outgoing President, Professor Vaccari.

Professor Vaccari has presided over our commission during a great period of change and modernisation which he has led admirably. During this time we have seen many innovations including the first ever ICUMSA website and its progression to the current excellent new version. Following the Pune session the change to more frequent and shorter meetings has become the norm. Organising these in conjunction with the bi-annual SPRI conference, has taken the pressure away from national committees, which would doubtless find it difficult to allocate resource to organise a full weeks meeting. A publications deal with Bartens is one of the most significant developments, which has not only brought a considerable level of professionalism to ICUMSA publications, but has also been an extremely sound fiscal move.

I think most will agree that these changes have been very effective in moving ICUMSA forward. On behalf of everyone, I would like to thank Professor Vaccari for his efforts over the last eight years and I am pleased that he will remain involved with our Commission as an Associate Referee for Subject 1.

I would also like to thank Dr Keskar for her support in Brazil. Dr Keskar has made considerable strides in recent years in extending ICUMSA’s influence throughout the Indian sub-continent and has demonstrated her immense ability as a Referee for General Subject 9. Her appointment as a Vice-President is well deserved.

One of the significant decisions taken by the Executive Committee at the last meeting was to appoint a Strategic Planning Committee to examine a number of issues pertaining to ICUMSA and its future development. Some useful areas for discussion were voiced during the Executive Committee meeting. These were included in an e-mail sent to National Committee Chairmen to raise awareness and stimulate discussion, with the intention of bringing them to the attention of national committees in order that they can contribute accordingly. Further updates will be forthcoming as topics are discussed and I would welcome any ideas that members have for consideration.

Geoff Parkin

President, ICUMSA