ICUMSA News n°11 – 1991

Message from the President New Subject numbers and Referee appointment At the 20th Session at Colorado Springs, it was foreshadowed that some Subjects should be eliminated while others could be combined. The Steering Committee has considered these matters and decided to eliminate immediately the Refereeships involving Apparatus and Reagents, Ion Selective Electrodes and to eliminate … Read more

ICUMSA News n°10 – 1990

Message from the President Those who attended the 20th Session at Colorado Springs, USA in June 1990 would surely agree with me that the United States National Committee hosted a very successful conference. The business sessions were productive, and the decisions taken provide the Commission with guidance for the next Session and beyond. These decisions … Read more

ICUMSA News n°9 – 1990

Message from the President As advised in the last issue, Mr Bob McCowage has been appointed General Secretary for the remainder of the 20th Session following Dr Whayman’s resignation due to ill-health. Together we have considered the matters raised in the two letters to the editor published last issue. While we would encourage further discussion … Read more

ICUMSA News n°8 – 1990

Message from the President In this issue we have two letters commenting on the change of direction of the last four years. As your President I welcome this. Indeed, it was one of the reasons for setting up ICUMSA News. The dialogue should not stop here. Rather than run the risk of stopping the discussion … Read more

ICUMSA News n°7 – 1989

Message from the President Preparation for the 20th Session This is probably the busiest time of the session with collaborative test programmes nearing completion and thoughts being turned towards writing referees’ reports. CSR’s Central Laboratory has participated in the test programmes of four referees and we trust that our data will be used to good … Read more

ICUMSA News n°6 – 1989

Message from the President Review of Methods In the January issue a brief report was given of the review of methods for conformity with IUPAC guidelines for collaborative testing. By now all Referees will have received from Mrs Godshall a report listing in some detail the comments and recommendations of her Working Group on each … Read more

ICUMSA News n°5 – 1989

20th Session, 1990 Members attending the 19th Session at Cannes in 1986 would be aware that the United States National Committee extended an invitation to our Commission to hold the 20th Session in their country. We have now been advised by Mr John A. Richmond, Chairman USNC, that they propose to hold this meeting in … Read more

ICUMSA News n°4 – 1988

Message from the President In the May issue we commented on the methods which seemed appropriate for the analysis of raw sugar, white sugar and molasses. Following discussion with the respective General Referees we are able to report their thinking with respect to the analysis of cane, beet and their processing, together with refined products … Read more

ICUMSA News n°3 – 1988

Introduction The serious work of the 20th Session is now underway after a slower than usual start. This of course was the consequence of the reorganisation of subjects with the need to reallocate the recommendations of the 19th Session. By this time everyone who has a desire to serve will have indicated the subjects to … Read more

ICUMSA News n°2 – 1988

Introduction Now that the 19th Session Proceedings are available and the Referees and their Associates virtually in place, it is time to consider seriously the goals to be sought for the 20th Session in 1990. We have approximately two years before Referees will be completing their reports for our next meeting. It is therefore important … Read more

ICUMSA News n°1 – 1987

Editor: R. Pieck, Klein Spanuit 9, B-3300 Tienen, Belgium. Tel. 016181 24 36, Tx 222 51, Fax 0103216182 03 17 The President’s Article Introduction It is now just over one year since the 19th Session in Cannes. In that lime many changes have been made which affect the future directions of ICUMSA. At the time … Read more

ICUMSA News n°17 – 1993

Message from the President The Constitution and By-Laws for our Commission is a living document which sets out the objectives of the organisation and the rules under which we operate. It is amended from time to time to reflect changes we find necessary in the light of the new circumstances. Unfortunately, we do not make … Read more

ICUMSA News n°18 – 1993

Message from the President In the January issue of International Sugar Journal, Dr James C.P. Chen commented on NIR polarimetry [1], generally endorsing its adoption along the recently announced lines that Domino Sugar (formerly Amstar) propose, with respect to suppliers of raw sugar to that company. As President of ICUMSA and the former Referee for … Read more

ICUMSA News n°19 – 1993

Message from the President Twenty first Session, 15-20 May 1994 It is now less than a year till our Session in Havana. I visited the Cuban National Committee last May during the week of their Diversification ’93 Conference. I reviewed the plans for our meeting, saw the hotels we will stay in, visited the places … Read more

ICUMSA News n°36 – 1999

Editor: Rud Frik Madsen Message from the President The first year “after Berlin” is almost over, and the organisation of ICUMSA for the next four-year term is coming together. You can see below the final list of the Referees for the various subjects, and I apologise for the errors in the table printed in ICUMSA … Read more

ICUMSA News n°35 – 1999

Editor: Rud Frik Madsen Message from the President The activity of the Presidency in these first months after the Berlin session has been rather full and demanding, due to the considerable changes which followed our last meeting. The change of the Presidency and Secretariat represents, as such, a busy time for the new administration. However, … Read more

ICUMSA News n°34 – 1998

Editor: Rud Frik Madsen Message from the president Following the Berlin meeting I would like to thank all the National Committees very sincerely for my election as President of our Commission. I succeed Dr. Murray Player who, thanks to his great experience and skill, has led our Commission during the last twelve years. I realise … Read more

ICUMSA News n°33 – 1998

Message from The President Those who have read the just published “History of ICUMSA, the first 100 years” would be well acquainted with the achievements of our distinguished forbears. I find it an inspiration to be re-acquainted with the achievements of such dedicated workers as Alexander Herzfeld, Prinsen Geerligs, Frederick Zerban, Lewis Eynon, George Meade, … Read more

ICUMSA News n°32 – 1997

Message from the President We are nearing the end of the 22nd Session and Referees’ reports for the Berlin meeting should now be completed. As these reports become available this office will mail copies to Chairmen of National Committees and it is expected that Chairmen will distribute them to interested members. Members attending the Berlin … Read more

ICUMSA News n°31 – 1997

Message from the President With our call for nominations for President closing on the 30th June 1997 we now have two nominations: the Indian National Committee has nominated Mr Shivajirao G. Patil, presently a Vice-President of ICUMSA and Mr Patil has accepted their nomination, and the Czech National Committee has nominated Professor Giuseppe Vaccari who … Read more

ICUMSA News n°30 – 1997

Message from the President On 12th June 1997 we celebrate the Centenary of our Commission. It will be 100 years since men gathered in Hamburg, Germany to discuss the desirability of forming an organisation with the objective of adopting uniform methods of analysis between nations trading in sugar. Every organisation has its heroes and the … Read more

ICUMSA News n°29 – 1996

Message from the President Since raising the matter of my successor either by a new President operating in the present format or by some alternative arrangement involving a permanent secretariat, we have received a number of comments which are summarised below. Since the French National Committee proposed Dr. Paul Mottard to succeed Mr. Dutton upon … Read more

ICUMSA News n°28 – 1996

Message from the President Since raising the question of whether ICUMSA should consider a permanent Secretariat I have had two important contributions from the Chairmen of the US and French National Committees. Dr Rearick expressed the view that a matter of this importance should be discussed and voted on at Berlin in 1998. I responded … Read more

ICUMSA News n°27 – 1996

Message from the President It is now two years since our session in Havana and this means it is only two years till the centenary session in Berlin. It is important that the Referees’ work programmes be underway now so that there is sufficient time for adequate discussion of collaborative test results, the wording of … Read more

ICUMSA News n°20 – 1994

Message of the President Future of ICUMSA This will be the last opportunity before our 21st Session to discuss our future directions, but I would first like to review our past and present. We have been in existence since 1897, a period of 96 years of which thirty odd years were lost due to the … Read more

ICUMSA News n°21 – 1994

Message from the President In my last message I discussed some of our past achievements and possible future directions. I would like to pursue the future directions a little more. I recall Brian Whitehouse saying in 1989 [l] ,,In my view, the activities of Subject G9 should not dwell on·old ‘grandfather methods’ but those concerned … Read more

ICUMSA News n°22 – 1994

Recommendations adopted at the 21st Session of ICUMSA, Havana, Cuba, 16-20 May 1994 General Subject 1: Raw Sugar Referee: R J McCowage (Australia) I. Any approaches which offer the potential to determine the sucrose content of raw sugar with similar efficacy and precision to the polarisation test should be studied. 2. Studies of alternative clarification … Read more

ICUMSA News n°23 – 1994

Message from the President Havana Session and USNC Meeting in New Orleans I think that members who attended our 21st session in Havana from 15 to 20 May 1994 and the meeting of the United States National Committee for Sugar Analysis in New Orleans on the 25th and 26th May would agree that these were … Read more

ICUMSA News n°24 – 1995

Message from the President With the appointment of Referees and their Associates and the publication of the Proceedings of the Havana session, we are now able to commence the work of the 22nd Session. To our new Referees and Associates, I extend my best wishes and my commitment to assist you in any way possible. … Read more

ICUMSA News n°25 – 1995

Message from the President It is now more than one year since our Havana meeting. We have the 21st Session Proceedings, so the work of the 22nd Session can now begin in earnest. I would like to draw attention to the need to have more of our methods collaboratively tested. We enjoy widespread recognition as … Read more

ICUMSA News n°26 – 1996

Message from the President In ICUMSA News No 24 (May 1995) I spoke of the need to replace old classical methods with cost effective, instrumental methods. Many of our readership would be aware that my own laboratory – CSR Central Laboratory, carries out analysis of the Queensland Industry’s raw sugars for the purpose of payment … Read more

ICUMSA News n°37 – 1999

Editor: Rud Frik Madsen, Message from the President In spite of what I hoped when I drew up ICUMSA News No. 36, I have to advise you that at the present time the Proceedings of the Session held in Berlin are not yet available. Unfortunately, there were some computer problems and some files were lost. … Read more

32nd Session will be an online event – ICUMSA News n°82 – 2021

After the postponement of the 32nd Session in Vienna from June 2020 to June 2021, it has again become unavoidable to cancel our plans for the meeting in Vienna. Since the COVID-19 situation is still very serious in many countries worldwide, the ICUMSA Officers expect that many delegates will not be allowed to register for … Read more