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Method GS1/3/7-3 (2005) 

The Determination of Reducing Sugars in Cane Raw Sugar, Cane Processing Products and Specialty Sugars by the  Lane and Eynon Constant Volume Procedure – Accepted

(previous version dated 1997)


1 Scope and field of application

This method is used for the determination of reducing sugars and other reducing substances in the presence of sucrose [1]. It is applicable to cane raw sugar (General Subject 1), cane processing products (General Subject 7) and specialty sugars having low levels of invert (General Subject 3).

The reducing sugar concentration in the test sample should lie within the range of 250 to 400 mg/100 mL, i.e. about 2 g of cane molasses/100 mL or about 40 g of raw cane sugar/100 mL. Samples with levels outside this range are either diluted, or standard invert solution is added, prior to analysis. In the latter instance, the concentration in the original test solution is determined by subtraction of the added invert from the total reducing sugars found.

For use in cane molasses purchasing contracts use Method GS4/3-3.


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