New Numbers for GS7 Cane Processing Methods

Name Old numberShortened numberYear of publication
Preparation Index of Cane GS7-3GS7-31994
Moisture in Cane and Bagasse GS7-5GS7-51994
Pol (Polarisation) of Filter Cake by Polarimetry with Lead Subacetate GS7-7GS7-72011
Moisture in Filter Cake GS7-9GS7-91994
Mud Solids in Juice, Mud and Filter Cake GS7-11GS7-111994
Cane Fibre in Juice, Mud and Filter Cake GS7-13GS7-131994
Total and Soluble Phosphate in Cane Juice GS7-15GS7-151994
Calcium and Magnesium in Cane Juice and Syrup by EDTA Titration GS7-19GS7-191994
Turbidity in Clarified Cane Juice, Syrups and Clarified Syrups GS7-21GS7-212007
Fructose, Glucose and Sucrose in Cane Juices, Syrups and Molasses by Gas Chromatography (GC) GS7/4/3-22GS7-222011
Sucrose, Glucose and Fructose in Cane Molasses by HPLC GS7/4/8-23GS7-232011
Glucose, Fructose and Sucrose in Cane Juices, Syrups and Molasses and of Sucrose in Beet Molasses by HPIC GS7/8/4-24GS7-242011
Calcium Oxide in Lime GS7-25GS7-251994
Sucrose-soluble Alkali in Quicklime GS7-27GS7-271994
Pol by NIR Polarimetry and Brix for Sugarcane and Factory Product GS7-31GS7-312013
Determination of the Relative Activity of Commercial -Amylase GS7-33GS7-332015
Reducing Sugars by the Lane and Eynon Constant Volume ProcedureseeGS1/3/7-3GS1-32005
Conductivity Ash in Juice and Pan ProductsseeGS1/3/4/7/8-13GS1-131994
Determination of pHsee GS1/2/3/4/7/8/9-23GS1-232009
Iron by a Colorimetric Methodsee GS2/3/7/8-31GS2-311995
Sulphite in Cane Juices and Syrups by the Rosaniline Colorimetric Methodsee GS2/1/7/9-33GS2-332011
Sulphated Ash in Brown Sugar, Juice, Syrup and MolassesseeGS3/4/7/8-11GS3-112000
Apparent Sucrose by a Double Polarisation MethodseeGS4/7-1GS4-12013
Sucrose by Gas Chromatography (GC)seeGS4/7/8/5-2GS4-22002
Dry Substance and Moisture by Vacuum Oven Drying on SandseeGS4/7-11GS4-111994
Moisture in Speciality Sugars, Molasses, Cane Raw Sugars and
Syrups by the Karl Fischer Proceduresee GS4/7/3-12GS4-121998
Cane Pol, Brix and Fibre in Cane and Bagasse by the Wet Disintegrator Method with Lead SubacetateseeGS5/7-1GS5-12011
Cane Pol, Brix and Fibre in Cane and Bagasse by the Wet Disintegrator Method with Aluminium Chloride GS5/7-28GS5-282013
Chloride by a Potentiometric Methodsee GS8/4/7-11GS8-111994