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Methode GS2-51 (2017)


Determination of Specified Heavy Metals in White Sugar – Official

1 Scope and Field of Application

This method is suitable for use in determination of specified metals in white sugar. Although the method may also be suitable for highly refined sugar products, the validation data used for this method is for white sugar only. The validated range of applicability of this method for the specified elements is as follows:

Arsenic       < 0.05 mg/kg to 0.81 mg/kg

Cadmium     < 0.005 mg/kg to 0.016 mg/kg

Copper        0.04 mg/kg to 0.28 mg/kg

Iron            0.04 mg/kg to 0.94 mg/kg

Lead           0.001 mg/kg to 0.101 mg/kg


Online Access to ICUMSA Method GS2-51 (2017)

Access to the online Version of ICUMSA Method ICUMSA Method GS2-51 (2017) can be obtained from the Bartens Website. The online access for two years costs EUR30 (+ 19 % VAT for German and EU citicens without EU VAT No.). You will receive your access code within 48 hours after receipt of payment.