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ICUMSA Specification and Standard SPS-3 (2000)


Refractometry and Tables – Official

First Issued 1974, Last Revised 2000, Last Rewritten 2000-07-026


1 Scope and Field of Application

The refractive index of sugar solutions is used as a rapid method for the approximate* determination of dry substance content. The method can be used with plant juices, syrups, marmalades and jams. In high purity sugar solutions it is used as a measure of sugar content.

*NOTE – For a pure solution of known composition, the refractive index measurement gives the exact dry substance content of the relevant sugar [1].  For technical solutions which have additions of unknown non-sugars, the refractive index measurement gives the dry substance content in a more or less good approximation, depending on the purity of the solution.


Online Access to ICUMSA Method SPS-3 (2000)

Access to the online Version of ICUMSA Method ICUMSA Method SPS-3 (2000) can be obtained from the Sugar Industry Website, operated by Bartens. The online access for two years costs EUR30 (+ 19 % VAT for German and EU citicens without EU VAT No.).