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Standards and Specifications SPS

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Polarimetry and the International Sugar Scale - Official
ICUMSA Method SPS-1 (2017)

Solubility of Sucrose in Water - Official
ICUMSA Method SPS-2 (1998)

Refractometry and Tables - Official
ICUMSA Method SPS-3 (2000)

Densimetry and Tables: Sucrose - Official; Glucose, Fructose and Invert Sugar - Official
ICUMSA Method SPS-4 (1998)

Viscometry Part 1: Viscosity Tables of Pure Sucrose Solutions - Official
ICUMSA Method SPS-5 (1994) Part 1

Viscometry Part 2: Relationships between Viscosity and Temperature
ICUMSA Method SPS-5 (1994) Part 2

Viscometry Part 3: Rheological Measurements on Molasses – Official
ICUMSA Method SPS-5 (1994) Part 3