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GS5 Methods (Cane)

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The Determination of Sucrose by Gas Chromatography in Molasses and Factory Products - Official; and Cane Juice - Tentative
ICUMSA Method GS4/7/8/5-2 (2002)

Polarimetric Sucrose Content, Soluble Solids Content and Fibre Content in Cane and Bagasse by VIS-Polarimetry after Clarification with Lead Acetate and by Refractometry - Official
ICUMSA Method GS5/7-1 (2011)

The Sampling of Sugar Cane by the Full Width Hatch Sampler - Accepted
ICUMSA Method GS5-5 (1994)

The Sampling of Sugar Cane by the Corer Method - Accepted
ICUMSA Method GS5-7 (1994)

Polarimetric Sucrose Content, Refractometric Dry Substance Content and Fibre in Cane and Bagasse by the Disintegrator Method with Aluminium Chloride - Tentative
ICUMSA Method GS5/7-28 (2013)